Benji Lovitt’s observations on Israeli society, combined with his lifelong involvement in Jewish education, create a hilarious narrative that has brought smiles to faces all over the world.

After spending a life-changing year in Israel on Young Judaea Year Course, Benji graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he assumed a leadership role at the campus Hillel and befriended every Israeli he could find. Since making aliyah in 2006, Benji has been called on by Jewish organizations to engage their participants in thoughtful and humorous discourse to break down the differences between Jews in Israel and abroad. Benji’s keen insights shed new, exhilarating light on both the challenges and marvels of life in Israel.

Drawing from his own experiences as an American living in the Holy Land, Benji’s background in informal Jewish education, summer camps, and Israel programs enable him to easily connect with the widest variety of audiences – regardless of age or affiliation. Known for his “finger on the pulse” musings about life in Israel, many count on Benji for their online morale boost during both the good times and the bad.

Benji regularly performs standup comedy and repeatedly delivers fun, inviting cultural programs for audiences in Israel, North America, and around the world. His perspectives on Israeli society have been featured on Israeli TV and radio, as well as in publications such as USA Today, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, and many more. Benji is a member of the ROI Community and is a frequent presenter at Limmud conferences around the world.

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